Given in memory of Yngve Edward Soderberg, a former MIYC member, and well-known

local artist. Awarded to the winner of a race, or series of races, held in a single day,

customarily held on or around the July 4th weekend, and sailed in the Shields Class.


2001 – 2004 Alan Burnett
2005 Scott Parry, Tom Longo
2006 Chris Wick, Tony Halsey
2007 Alan Burnett, A. Halsey
2008 Bob Banas
2009 Dan Van Winkle
2010 Barry Saluk
2011 – 2012 Dan Van Winkle
2013 Not Held
2014 Scott Parry
2015 – 2016 Dan Van Winkle
2017 Barry Saluk
2018 Chri Wick, Lee Reichart
2019 Not Held