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There are a few sailing programs available to adults at MIYC.

Shields Racing

Shields Fleet 19 is an official Fleet with the Shields Class of America. While not officially affiliated with MIYC, Shields Fleet 19 is mostly comprised of MIYC members.  If you are interested in joining Shields Fleet 19, there are usually Shields available for sale.  If you would prefer to start out as a crew member, Shields owners are always looking for  individuals who are interested in being a crew member for a race.  For more Information on Shields Fleet 19 and joining or volunteering as a crew member,  please visit the Shields Fleet 19 page.

Ideal 18

The Ideal 18 is a keeled open-cockpit sloop that comfortably carries four adults. MIYC has three Ideal 18 sailboats for use by members.  Members are encouraged to use the Ideal 18’s with family and friends.  The program is informal but provides all of the elements for safe and enjoyable sailing.

Members can:

  • Obtain an informal introduction
  • Sign up for Ideal 18 sailing lessons taught by our sailing director or one of the MIYC Sailing Instructors
  • Qualify and sail in the designated sailing areas.
  • Form or join groups with similar interests, such as mini-cruises or informal racing between sailors of similar abilities.

Members may also use the MIYC Ideal 18s in other organized programs such as:

  • Thursday night and weekend racing at MIYC. Intended to be low key and a fun introduction to racing.
  • Ram Island, Wadawanuck, and Stonington Harbor Yacht Clubs Ideal 18 sailing events

Please visit the Ideal 18s page for more information.

Reserve a sailboat

MIYC has three Ideal 18s that are available for use by MIYC members. Please visit the Ideal 18s page for more information on pre-qualification requirements and to reserve a boat online.

For information on Adult Sailing Instruction options, please Login using the Member Login link above.

Contact info

 Masons Island Yacht Club

 P. O. Box 465

 7 Yacht Club Rd

 Mystic, CT 06355


Commodore: Tory Ash Christian

Vice Commodore: Kevin Miller

Rear Commodore: Jody Phillips Clark

Secretary: Sarah Lee Willey

Treasurer: Dave Ludwig