Shields Fleet 19

MIYC Shields Fleet

shieldsIn 1963 Cornelius Shields, one of the foremost proponents of one-design sailing in the U.S. conceived of a modern followup to the International One Design (IOD). The new boat would have the balance and beauty of the IOD while incorporating modern trends such as fiberglass construction. Shields commissioned Olin Stephens for the design. Over 250 have been built and many are actively raced in fleets around the U.S. Shields are sloop-rigged and usually sailed by a crew of three to five. No hiking straps are allowed, keeping athletic demands on the crew to a minimum. MIYC proudly hosts Shield Fleet 19. A fleet of 5 boats that, on any given Thursday afternoon, can be seen racing through the waters of Fishers Island Sound

Fleet Information
Fleet Captain – Al Burnett
Boat  Owner(s)           Boat #
Rip  Dan Van Winkle   7
Pearl  Bob Banas & Jonathan Jones   64
Rebel  Chris Wick   79
Grand Biddles  Brad Honan &Elizabeth Zeche   89
Sophie  Al Burnett    114