Junior Sailing

Welcome to the Masons Island Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program!

We are excited for the 2020 summer to begin and spend time on the water with your children. Each summer we work to create the best sailing program possible for the youngest members of our Masons Island Community.

For the 2020 summer, we have recruited an outstanding group of instructors.

This summer, the MIYC Junior Sailing Program will offer 8 amazing weeks of sailing. One of the many advantages of the MIYC junior sailing program is the highly competitive pricing.

The full summer program includes 8 weeks of sailing beginning Monday, June 22nd at 9:30 am with a boat check. Our instructors will go over each boat to confirm the boat is ready to sail. Classes begin Monday, June 22nd and run through Friday, August 14th. Our goal is to have as many children participate in the full summer program as possible. This allows us to secure the funds to run the high quality program you have come to love and expect. If you sign up for the full summer, you will benefit from the lowest cost per week and can come and go throughout the 8-week program. Weekly rates remain competitive in comparison to local programming as well. However, the real benefit of the pricing structure is achieved by signing up for the full summer.

***Please note, we are aware that the school end dates are currently influx as a result of COVID-19. Our schedule and pricing structure reflect an 8-week summer program beginning on June 22nd. We prefer to share the summer program details with you now. You can opt to register and pay by check and await final summer details before sending your payment. You can pay by credit card when you register, and we will work with you to better address the financials once we know the exact dates of summer. Our pricing is highly competitive and even if our program loses the first week to adapted summer schedules, it is still a competitive rate. We will get creative to ensure you feel your summer program is a great value! We have hired a great group of instructors who will be staffed and ready for the June 22nd start.

We will continue to offer 4 levels of sailing instruction this summer. Morning and afternoon classes will be arranged by skill level and age. The Head Instructors make the final determination regarding class placements. Classes are held rain, shine, wind or no wind but activities will be adjusted according to the conditions.

·      Pre-Sailing Class: The 3 mornings (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-12:30) pre-sailing class will be a learn-to-sail program open to children age 5 and older. Students will be grouped by age and skill. Appropriate objectives will be made to provide meaningful, informative, and fun activities for the children. Children must pass a swim test to participate in this program. Activities will include dry land instruction and games as well as on water activities. Children do not have to own an Opti to participate in this level program. We hope to develop their sailing skills and knowledge of the water in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The goal is to provide a positive experience for every child.

·      The Beginner Optimist class meets from 9:30am-12:30 three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Students are required to bring their own Optimist. This class is appropriate for children who have completed the pre-sail program and are at least 7 years old. Children who participate in the beginner level Optimist class will be green fleet eligible for the summer racing season. Sailors must receive instructor approval to participate in Green Fleet regattas. Specific activities and objectives will be arranged appropriately based on skill and experience.

·      The Intermediate/Advanced Optimist class meets from 9:3 am- 12:30 five days a week. Students are required to bring their own Optimist. This program is designed for children who have experience with the basic sailing skills and want to learn to be a better sailor. The intermediate/advanced sailors will compete in the Red/White/Blue fleets for the summer 2020 racing season. Specific activities and objectives will be arranged appropriately based on skill and experience.

·      The 420 class meets 5 afternoons from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.Specific activities and objectives will be arranged appropriately based on skill and experience. **In order to participate in the 420 program, students are recommended to weigh at least 95 pounds, and have a minimum total crew weight of 220 pounds. Instructors will advise on the appropriate time for sailors to transition from the Optimist to 420 sailing program. If unsure, please contact the head instructors directly.

We are fortunate to have the ability to run these 4 levels of sailing programs for your children this summer. If you have any questions about appropriate class level, please reach out to us directly and we can help you choose the correct program for your child. Throughout the summer, instructors will be able to provide feedback on your children’s progress through the program as they develop sailing skills and advance!

**All sailors should have a PFD that fits properly with a whistle attached, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, towel, swimsuit, lunch, and water bottle each day. Optis, sails, centerboards, pre-cut bailers, and all equipment should be at the club BEFORE the start of classes. Instructors will be on hand Monday, June 22nd at 9:30 am to inspect boats

The Fee Schedule for the 2020 MIYC Junior Sailing Program continues to remain extremely competitive and affordable. Here is the pricing structure:

ClassFull Summer (8 Weeks)Weekly Fee
Beginner Optimist$575$135
Intermediate/Advanced Optimist$650$185

As you can see the full summer program offers an incredible savings over weekly registration. In fact, the full summer fee breaks down to roughly $72 and $82 per week.  (If we lose the first week the cost is roughly $82 and $93). We strongly encourage members to register for the full summer program. Weekly rates remain competitive, however, are set at a higher rate to ensure we can continue to cover the costs of running this program.

The policies and procedures associated with the MIYC Junior Sailing Program remain unchanged from previous years and are listed here:


·      All students are required to bring their own boat and equipment to class. Boats must be sound and in safe working condition. Boat types used in the program are International Optimist Dinghy and Club 420 with spinnaker and trapeze. No other boat types are permitted.

·      Exceptions – Students registered in Pre-Sailing Class don’t have to own a boat. Students in 420 class can use MIYC Club 420s for a $50 fee for the summer.

·      A boat inspection is required for all Optimists and 420s in our program. Boat inspection will be held on Monday, June 22nd. All boats must pass inspection prior to being used in class, even if they have been utilized in the program in the past. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that boats remain in good working order throughout the summer. Boats and rigging that don’t work well are a safety concern. It also places unnecessary stress and frustration on students and instructors.

·      MIYC is not responsible for any lost gear or any damage to boats. Please ask your children to communicate when items are broken or missing. Parents should personally check their child’s boat throughout the summer.


·      A swim check will be given on the first day of class. All students must pass the swim check prior to taking any classes. Students will be expected to swim 25 yards without a life jacket, tread water for 3 minutes, and put on their life jacket while in the water. The younger children are allowed to wear their life jack.


·      Water- staying hydrated is critical. Make sure to bring a water bottle every day!

·      Sunscreen- apply before you come and re-apply throughout the day.

·      Hat and sunglasses are highly recommended to protect eyes and face when on the water.

·      Close toed shoes

·      Bathing suit.

·      Towel

·      PFD

·      Whistle

·      Snack


MIYC belongs to the Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association (ECSA). Our sailors compete in a series of regattas against local clubs throughout the summer months. In addition, MIYC will host a regatta at the club on Tuesday, July 28th. The ECSA schedule is available online. Opti regattas are typically scheduled on Tuesdays and 420 regattas are typically scheduled on Thursdays. Registration is almost exclusively online.

Students enrolled in the beginner through advanced Opti and 420 class can participate in regattas. If your child has never participated in a regatta, parents should confirm with the Head Instructor if he/she can sail without assistance and is ready to participate in regattas. MIYC typically tows to the local events and provides instructor support as part of the program. The head instructor will distribute information, a schedule of planned events, and a sign-up process several days in advance of the regatta. The summer program generally does not provide support for participation in events beyond the local area.

***Participation in regattas must be approved by MIYC instructors. Children must follow all safety rules and follow instructions during regattas. Youth regattas are all day events, children often meet before 8 am and do not return until 4 or 5 pm or later depending on the tow distance. Behavior expectations are strictly enforced to maintain the safety of the entire MIYC fleet at the regatta. If a child does not follow instructions or behave appropriately, parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their child from the regatta expeditiously. The safety of the sailors must always come first and misbehavior will not be tolerated. It is important to talk with instructors and sailors before regattas to ensure the children are prepared for the length of the day and behavior expectations.


In order to offer members a simple and secure registration process, we will offer a web-based experience for the 2020 Junior Sailing Program. You will be able to create a Sports Engine account, manage registration for all your children in one process, and pay online by credit card or mail payment by check. If you created an account last summer, this process will be quick and easy! Here is a simple step by step guide to help you navigate the process.

Here is a quick outline of the registration process:

1.    Contact Day Halsey at dayhalsey@gmail.com or 970-227-0354 for the link to SportsEngine to register online.”

2.     Register for the site by creating a login and password. *By creating an account you will be able to maintain this account for the 2020 MIYC Junior Sailing program and future summers as well.

3.     Read the Welcome Page with Class Offerings Information and click Continue at the Bottom of the page.

4.     Enter Sailor Information and Parent Contact Information and then click Continue at the bottom of the page. On this page you will select the level of sailing for this child.

5.     Enter the Emergency contact information and Medical History and then click Continue at the bottom of the page.

6.     Select the Full Summer or Individual weeks for the sailor.

7.     Read the waiver and Policies listed on the page and check each box to provide a digital signature in agreement with the waiver and policies and then click Review at the bottom of the page

8.     Read through all information and either click Register Another Person on the left to register another child or Continue to Shopping Cart on the right to proceed to payment.

9.     If you add another sailor, you will complete steps 4-8 again for that sailor. You can cycle through these steps for as many children as needed. Once all sailors are entered click on Continue to the Shopping Cart on the bottom right in step 8.

10.  In the Shopping Cart you will have the option to Pay in Full online using a Credit Card. If you choose to use a credit card for your payment, there is a processing fee that you will be charged. You can also select Pay Offline and no fees will be assessed.

11.  If paying by credit card complete the required information to process your payment. If paying offline by check, click on complete order and mail your payment.

12.  All payments should be mailed to: PO BOX 465 Mystic, CT 06355

If you have any questions about the Sports Engine registration process, feel free to email or call Day Halsey (dayhalsey@gmail.com or 970-227-0354).