Bocce (or Bocci, or Bocché) is a ball sport belonging to the boules sport family, closely related to bowls and pétanque, with a common ancestry originating in Pharaonic Egypt and “globalized” by the Greeks and Romans. The object, simply, is to score points by rolling your bocce balls closer to a smaller target ball (a.k.a. the pallino, or jack) than your opponent. Of the game: easily mastered basics; no exotic equipment required; gender-neutrality; minimal physical demands; and facile game durations. At MIYC it is these characteristics that have accounted for the game’s extraordinary popularity. They promote relaxed social interaction while still allowing for the genial exercise of the competitive spirit.

All Club members and guests are invited to play a game at any time if one of the two courts (East of the tennis courts) is open. Necessary equipment (bocce balls, pallino, scoreboards) is available in the box next to the courts. More formally the Bocce Committee (or Comité de Bocché) each season organizes competitive matches pitting women against women, men against men, and women and men against women and men all for various trophies, prizes, and bragging rights as the case may be. Finally, throughout the season the Committee stages various events which are more accurately characterized as social bocce with the emphasis falling more on the “social” than the “competitive”.


The Rules of Bocce in the manner of the Mason’s Island Yacht Club, which may be found at Rules provides the current revision of the rules together with explanations of game play, scoring, etc. During the season, information regarding Bocce activities is typically posted on its own bulletin board in the bathhouse breezeway and/or provided by email. For even more information, please feel free to ask any member of the MIYC Bocce Committee.