Established in 1996 by Lisa and Tod Johnstone to honor Lisa’s grandfather,

Cyrus Loutrel, who was one of the founders of the Club as well as the first Commodore.

The award is given to the individual or individuals who have shown extraordinary dedication

and service to the club without expectation or reward.

1996 Lib Beebe, Sarah Canning 2008 Cindy Fazio
1997 John McGowan 2009 Jim & Mary McAuley
1998 Billie Palmer 2010 Tod Johnstone
1999 Sarah Lee Collins 2011 Tom Longo
2000 Skip & Linda Watkins 2012 Louis Allyn
2001 Jim Burbank 2013 Ethan Tower
2002 Patty Copp 2014 Michael Cavanaugh
2003 Bos Powell 2015 Candy Copp Jacobs
2004 Van Winkle Family 2016 Dan Benfield
2005 Betsy Rowe 2017 Paul Root
2006 H. Russel Burgess 2018 Bob Banas
2007 Linda Watkins, Frederick Ball 2019 Louis Allyn