Club rules and policies

Revised May 2014

1. General

    1. Club property is for the exclusive use of the members, their families and guests and those with summer privileges. The clubhouse, grounds, dock, boats, playing courts and other facilities are for the enjoyment of all members. They should be used with care and treated with respect.
    2. Willful or malicious damaging of Club property or infraction of rules constitute valid reasons for suspension of Club privileges.
    3. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children. The Club’s hired instructors’ primary responsibility is to conduct programs in sailing, swimming and tennis. An instructor is responsible for a child only during the hours when the child is involved in a particular program.
    4. No junior member (under the age of 22) is allowed on Club grounds between sundown and sunrise, unless accompanied by an adult member. A parent or a water safety competent baby sitter must accompany children under age 12. At their parents’ discretion, children age 12 and older who have passed the Advanced Beginners swimming test may use the Club without an adult in charge.
    5. Juniors cannot be a passenger of any motor vehicle driven by a MIYC employee except in case of an emergency.
    6. A First Aid Kit and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) are kept in the galley. Use of any material from the kit should be reported to the Club Manager.
    7. All accidents with damage to person or property are to be reported to the Club Manager.
    8. Consumption of any alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 on Club property under any conditions is strictly prohibited. In accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut, providing an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21 is prohibited. Possession and sale of illegal drugs is prohibited. Violators will be suspended.
    9. All Club buildings and porches are no-smoking areas.
    10. Rough-housing and other disruptive activities are not permitted on Club property.
    11. Any personal item brought to the Club is to be marked with the name of the owner, including smart phones, cameras, small boats, kayaks, bicycles, kitchen ware, etc., etc.

2. Clubhouse

    1. The clubhouse is for the enjoyment of the entire membership. It is expected that the furnishings of the clubhouse will be cared for and suffer no abuse. All trash and recyclable bottles and cans shall be placed in proper containers.
    2. The clubhouse galley is not for general use. Requests for its use should be made to the Club Manager.
    3. Labeled and dated food may be stored in the kitchen refrigerator and freezer for 24 hours. After which time it will be removed. Any alcoholic beverages left lying around will be disposed of.
    4. Wet bathing suits, clothing, towels, etc. are to be kept out of the clubhouse.
    5. Children are requested to stay out of the clubhouse during adult only activities.
    6. The crawl space under the clubhouse is for storage of Club items only and is not to be used for other purposes.
    7. The clubhouse will be closed and locked at 8 p.m. daily, except when scheduled, approved activities are conducted.

3. Clubhouse rental

    1. Members may rent the club facilities for private parties after the second Sunday in September through the second Sunday in June. There is no rental for any private parties after the second Sunday in June through the second Sunday in September.
    2. Anyone wishing to rent the club should contact the Secretary.
    3. The clubhouse may not be used for business functions, meetings or social fundraising activities except for the benefit of the MIYC subject to approval of the trustees.
    4. Any physical damage to the club or its contents is the responsibility of the renting member who shall be liable for the cost of repairs.

4. Bathhouse

    1. Beware of slippery shower stall floors
    2. Hot water is for quick showers, not for recreational use.
    3. Please change babies in the bathhouse. There are changing tables in both the men’s and women’s rooms.
    4. The Club is not responsible for articles left in the bathhouse lockers. Renters must provide their own locks, which must be removed by Columbus Day, along with the contents (per the insurance company.)
    5. Bathhouse locker rental priority goes to Active and Associate members for the full summer. Then any opening goes in order to 1) Summer Privilege full summer, 2) Active & Associate half summer, and 3) Summer Privilege half summer. No one may rent more than one locker so long as anyone is on the waiting list.

5. Grounds

    1. No dogs are allowed on club property at any time except they may be escorted through the Club grounds on a leash when embarking/disembarking a boat.
    2. All papers, trash and other refuse are to be placed in the correct trash bins. Bottles and can are to be placed in recycle bins. Personal household garbage is not to be placed in the dumpster.
    3. Bicycles must be placed on the grass near the shed. Bicycles and skates are not to be ridden on the grass, walkways, or dock or left on walks.
    4. Car parking is in the lots west of the main road, in the area between the road and the tennis courts, or between the boulders and the road to Enders Island. Do not drive or park on the grass alongside the road. It is advised not to park along the marsh side of the parking lot to avoid the risk of someone backing into your vehicle.
    5. All articles left on the club premises after 5:00 p.m. will be put in the Lost and Found. Articles left more than 48 hours may be discarded. Eye glasses, watches, cell phones, etc. will be held by the Club Manager.
    6. The bocce courts are not to be used for any games other than bocce.
    7. Members’ boats or equipment shall not be placed on the grass south of the clubhouse.
    8. The cooperation of all is requested to “pitch in” and keep the Club shipshape at all times.
    9. Boats and trailers may be left on the grounds in designated areas on a short-term temporary basis.

5. Waterfront – Swimming

    1. Members and guests are advised that there is no lifeguard on duty at the Club. Use of the waterfront, swim area and docks is at their own risk. Members and guests are responsible for the safety of their children.
    2. Swim within the designated Swim Area only. The Swim Area is defined as follows: the dock to the south, the floats to the swim raft to the east, the floats to the beach to the north and the beach to the west. Swimming outside of this area is dangerous due to boat traffic.
    3. Jumping off the dock or pilings is not allowed.
    4. Use of the launching ramp by motor vehicles is discouraged and is at the driver’s risk. Trailers are limited to one axle.

6. Waterfront – Docks & Moorings

    1. The Club has limited dock space available outboard of the swim area on the north side and outboard of the wing pier on the south side of the main dock. The Club also has three 1,000 lb. moorings and one 250 lb. mooring to the north and east of the main dock. The moorings are identified as MIYC #1 through #4 and their weights are shown on the mooring balls.
    2. Members and guests assume full responsibility for their boats, any damage to their boats and any damage caused by their boats to Club property or the property of other Members or guests while using Club boat facilities.
    3. No boat is to be left on the dock overnight or in severe weather. Exceptions can be made for one night if the boat is pre-race or pre-cruise provisioning with the permission of the Club Manager.
    4. The end of the main dock, delineated by the four painted pilings, should be used for pick up and drop off of crew only. A 15-minute tie up limit is expected to be observed. Vessels alongside for other purposes should not block access to this area.
    5. Early arriving vessels should be secured on the main dock as close to shore as possible, leaving the outer end of the dock for later arrivals. In addition, vessels of shallow draft should be secured as close to shore as possible to allow larger, deep draft vessels to be secured toward the outer end of the dock.
    6. Tie up at the dock implies permission to other Members and guests to raft outboard when space alongside is not available. Secure your vessel carefully. The rafting party assumes responsibility for any damage to the other vessel (See 6 a) above). Members or guests unwilling to allow others to raft outboard are expected to relinquish their space alongside.
    7. Members may reserve Club moorings for their guests by arrangement with the Club Manager. Guests will be charged the posted overnight rate for the use of the moorings.
    8. Rafting on Club moorings is allowed at the discretion of the Club Manager.
    9. Non-members arriving by boat are welcome to use the Club during day light hours as a member’s guest. They may rent one of the Club’s moorings for up to two weeks. Reservation and registration is with the Club Manager. Dogs are not allowed on Club property except they may be escorted through the Club grounds on a leash.
    10. Electricity and water on the dock are for the use of boat owners only.
    11. The life ring on the main dock is for emergency use only.
    12. Members and guests must observe the 5 MPH speed limit within the mooring area north and east of the Club docks and swim area. Boaters (including sailing instructors) are advised that they are responsible for any damage caused by their wakes.
    13. Water skiing or jet skiing is not permitted within the mooring area north and east of the Club docks and swim area.
    14. Dinghies and runabouts should be secured at the dinghy float or the wing pier, not the main dock.
    15. Outhauls are available for dinghies (maximum length of 12 feet) and may be rented for the season through the Waterfront Committee Chairperson. (Non-conforming dinghies, which were on outhauls prior to 2013, may continue to remain on outhauls. However, when replaced, any such dinghies must be replaced with a conforming dinghy.)) Rental priority is to Active and Associate members with boats on moorings in the mooring field to the north and east of the club for the full summer; to other Active and Associate members for the full summer; to SP for the full summer; to Active and Associate for the half summer; and, finally, to SP for the half summer. No one may rent more than one outhaul so long as anyone is on the waiting list. Active and Associate members, who rent for the full summer, may renew their outhaul rentals each year and may request reassignment to other outhauls when available. Active and Associate members, who rent for the half summer, and all SP return to the waiting list each year, but are given priority within their respective categories.
    16. The Club launch is for the use of the sailing instructors. Under no circumstances is it to be used for water skiing or joy riding.
    17. The Club 420s are only for use in the sailing program under supervision of the sailing instructors. They are not available for personal use of members or guests.

7. Guests

  1. See separate document posted on the Club bulletin board and on the Club’s website under Guests.


  1. Bocce rules are posted on the Club bulletin board and on website under Bocce.

9. Tennis

  1. Charges for lessons and clinics are billed by the Tennis Professional.
  2. Court rules are posted at the courts and on the Club website under Tennis.